Jeromē is a fun, friendly, and encouraging character known for his signature red and blue striped outfit and his entertaining and educational programs. He helps educate and empower kids through character development, vocabulary development, social emotional learning, and much more!

Since 2006, children between the ages of 2 to 12 have become great friends with Jeromē through his traveling educational programs with Higher Impact Entertainment. His silly entertaining antics and friendly demeanor have connected with students nationwide causing parents and educators to fall in love with his engaging, interactive, and educational content that helps children get excited about learning.

Jeromē’s passion for entertainment and education has captured the attention and hearts of children, and now he wants to make his content even more accessible and available to his young friends through every available platform, including television, live shows, books, and new media.

Millions of children have experienced Jeromē’s educational entertainment in-person and now he hopes to make a positive impact digitally.

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